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Lead Is The Platform Your Subscribers Are Going To Go Crazy Over... Set To Launch August 22.

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August 22, 2018 @ 11AM EST

This Isn't Just An App It's A Complete Marketing System!

Our goal is to get everybody in the door for a rediculusy low price and convert them on the re-occuring OTO

Our Beta Members Are CRUSHING IT!

You are getting behind a high-converting TOP QUALITY product that your subscribers will USE each and every day. They will be more than happy to keep paying the monthly re-occuring commission to keep access to this software and app.

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A Complete Business In A Box On STEROIDS... The Irrisitible Offer For Just A One

There Own Marketing Platform Branded To Them... They Make Money Selling Our NEW Digital Social Card Which Becomes Their Foot In The Door!

Custom Sign Up Pages & Cart Pages

For just $47 they are going to be given their own Cart pages where they can link their Paypal or Stripe account so they can easily sell their cards or they can use our Lead Capture page and put leads in their system for FREE.

Automated Sales Pipeline

Your subscriber will see their leads being added to a sales pipeline automatically! They don't have to do a thing, this all happens for them. This is all part of the process of converting the OTO!

Our Lead Conversion App, Brings The LCS To You!

Now that you have all your leads being funnel into the LCS system, what if we told you the "Lead Conversion App" will notify you when those leads come into your system. So you will NEVER miss a HOT lead ever again.

You will know the entire history of that lead, right at your fingertips.

You will also know the quality of that lead as well. This is dependent on how recent the lead is and the actions they take!

Your app also contains your entire leadbank, your scheduled appointments, it allows you to instantly send out your business cards, keeps track of your leads... and you can access your sales pipelines all from your phone!

If that wasn't enough for $47... The mobile app makes this a truly irresistible offer that will close them for sure!

All The RIGHT INGREDIENTS for you to have a killer promotion. We have had JV's that have done Six-Figure promos with our launches. There is NO reason that can't be YOU!

  • A lot of care went into making sure "lead" was EASY TO USE!
  • If you have are generating leads in your business, you need this platform!
  • We're here to help you ROCK IT!

Official Launch Date:

August 22, 2018 @ 11AM EST

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The First OTO Is Re-Occuring For You!

The Lead Conversion System

"This is priced at $29-$47/mo"

When it comes to handling leads the "LCS" will handle everything for you. Anyway you can think of to generate and manage your leads it handles. Landing pages, lead ads, importing, surveys, applications, appointments. It is an all-inclusive system.

There are dozens of beautiful custom designed themes to choose from! It's just a click of the mouse!


Business Lead Pages Are Built Inside The System!

These beautiful landing pages will get the business the lead...

Our page builder makes building lead generation pages a breeze.

Unlike your typical clunky page builder, the only goal with our pages is to get the lead inside the LCS


Look At What The Lead Conversion System Can Do

The first LCS system and it replaces 8 different tools!


Mobile Responsive Surveys

With a few clicks of the mouse you are now able to create tvery intuitive highly responsive beautiful surveys. Each survey can be segmented into seperate lists and you have complete control over the look and feel.


High Dollar Applications

These are the same style applications that are responsible for 100's of millions of dollars in our marketplace. This is the same long form application you see being used for programs and high ticket events and masterminds


Appointment System

No need for an external calendar. Now it's all inclusive in the Lead Conversion System. Your leads will go right from your applications and surveys to your appoinement scheduler depending on how you have it setup.


Lead Ad Integration

We are integrated with Facebook's lead ads, which means now you can take your leads right out of Facebook and place them inside the Lead Conversion System automatically without any extra work on your part.


Business Page Builder

This landing page builder has ONE purpose only, and that is to get the lead. This isn't another sales funnel or page builder. There are plenty of those. These pages are focused only on real brick and mortor businesses.


External Forms

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of the LCS System. This allows you to use the styles and forms from any page buidler such as ClickFunnels, Profitbuilder, Thrive Themes, etc.... You can then place the leads inside of LCS


Sales Pipelines

The LCS has the most advanced sales pipeline you have ever seen, yet it's easy to use. You're able to create products/packages, and link to stages automatically. It also has a stageset feature unlike anything else.


Lead Bank

This is the core of the LCS System. This is where are your leads are stored. You are able to see the entire lead history, every survey, application, or page they have submitted. You can see their score and even send them straight to a pipeline. You can even import in your leads to the LeadBank.


Dynamic Tagging

Everything you do inside the LCS system can be tagged. Tags are not only used for identification, but they are also used to fire off actions like trigger autoresponders, or moving to pipelines. This is one of the most sophisticaed tagging systems in all the CRM's and you can group your tags as well.

Sales Funnel

This sales funnel is set to convert for massive profits for you! As you can see the funnel is consistent and congruent all the way through! There is NO REASON you shouldn't knock out a FIVE-FIGURE Promotion!

EverLesson Funnel

The First Ever Sliding Prize Pool!





















There is NO LIMIT how big the Prize Pool Can Get!

The prize pool keeps increasing as the overall sales of the launch increase..

Which means were sharing the profits with YOU!

Jv Contest Guidelines

  • Prize Money should be Greater than or equal to commissions generated
  • We are running daily contests and to qualify for the same, you should mail at least once time during a day.
  • If you want to team up, please notify us in advance before we update the first leaderboard. You should use the same JvZoo account to do the promotion, making it transparent for all the other, as every one should have a fair chance at winning the contest.
  • The winners will be based on the total commissions generated. So, it is ideal to push for the upgrades.
  • Due to the above requirement of contest being based out of commissions, no JVs will have extra bumps- unless decided by us.It will be given to all affiliates- in which case you will be automatically bumped.
  • The Cart will open at the same time for all the affiliates, please get signed up to our JV list to get updates on the contest
  • Maximum of 3 members per team is allowed.

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This Whole Funnel Will Convert Like Mad!

Earn Up To $1200 Per Sale!

This product is unlike anything else the market has ever seen. We really have put together an irrisitible "CRAZY-ASS" front end offer that is too good to pass up. The best part is you will see the funnel is consistent and congruent all the way through. Making you more money in the long run.

We really do value you as one of our JV Partners. We know our success is based on yours. We're are here to help you make this a SMASH! Feel free to reach out to us and book your webinars. Since we are doing them LIVE we only have limited slots available. Thank you so much for your support!

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Official Launch Date:

August 22, 2018 @ 11AM EST

Simon (Midticket) Warner

Launch Strategist/Manager


Chad Nicely

Marketing Visionary


Jimena Cortes

Client/JV Relations


Anuroop Pillalamarri

Lead Developer/Project Manager


Michelle Warner

Rockstart Copywriter

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