FINALLY: Recurring Profits Made Predictably Simple

ALL-IN-ONE Membership Builder & Effortless Product Creation
Platform That Does The Selling For You

Watch below to see how to turn new or existing products into 100% passive profits …
no experience required!

Quickly turn ANY product
even FREE lead magnets - into a long term stream of passive profits

Effortlessly convert one-time buyers
into long-term customers and recurring monthly income

on expensive developers, copywriters & designers

INSTANTLY position yourself
as an authority figure customers will buy from again & again

Demand For “Always-On” Access Has Created A New Type Of Buyer …

Buyers That Will Happily Put Recurring Profits In Your Pocket

Amazon, Apple, Netflix … and countless other brands are driving
huge revenues from monthly subscribers

The Future Is BLAZINGLY Bright For Digital Marketers …

Because the eLearning market is set to become a $360 BILLION dollar industry by 2025 … driven largely by payments from SUBSCRIPTION buyers

At JVZoo we encourage vendors to get in front of this massive
membership economy for THREE important reasons:

Recurring Income Beats One-Time Sales Every Day Of The Week

Membership Means More:

Happy Customers Mean LONG TERM Sales

Membership Formats Bring More Value To Your Customers, While Increasing Your Bottom Line Profits:

  • Top-selling JVZoo vendors CONSISTENTLY deliver their products inside a member’s area … because quite simply, it makes them more mone
  • Private access shows customers you mean business, which translates into lower refunds, higher retention AND passive upsell & cross-sell opportunities
  • Membership-style delivery works for ANY product style: standalone, recurring, softwares, training & high-ticket coaching / consulting

Membership Platforms Drive Higher Sales THROUGHOUT Your Funnel

Increase Passive Profits With Built-In Scarcity:

  • Put your lead magnet inside a member’s area … and great things happen
  • Provide links to your related tripwire, core & premium offers WITHIN that member’s area, and …
  • Customers can UPGRADE THEMSELVES - they see your related offers but can’t access them - until they make a further purchase

But These Benefits
Traditionally Come With
MAJOR Headaches

Many membership site “solutions” are time-consuming, frustrating & ineffective:

Complex setup: adding content, links, menus and even customer access is a HUGE challenge … or means paying big bucks to developers to do it for you

Often very low page-loading times … leading to a huge decrease in member activity and retention

Minimal design & customization options - forget making YOUR sites unique

Heavyweight, clunky software that doesn’t always work, or “play nice” with your other applications

Lack of integrations - forcing you to find ‘patches’ to configure your membership site to your existing tools

Non-mobile responsive platforms - making it impossible for your customers to view your content from their favorite devices

The time-consuming need to manually send login details & access to buyers

The ONGOING effort to keep existing members engaged and renewing their subscriptions

The need & expense to create sales pages for each product, level or package you offer … then the HOURS to link each page to each product

Then Consider The Painful Process Of Content Creation

Membership sites RELY on the content or products inside. A MAJOR sticking point for marketers of ALL levels
is the time, effort & expense of product creation.

Even if you ALREADY have a product ready-to-go … uploading to traditional membership sites is often a technical nightmare.

Imagine Instead: A Single Platform That Lets You BOTH Create
STUNNING Membership Sites & High-Demand Products
That Maximize Sales

While Effortlessly Syncing Your Existing Products Into A Compelling Member’s Area That Literally Does The Selling For You

Welcome to JVZoo’s CUSTOM Membership Product Platform

Where YOUR Sales & Profits Are Priority #1

Maximize Sales: Specifically built to increase both one-time & recurring profits to your offers

Convert More Leads Into Buyers, and more buyers into long term customers … automatically: built-in features maximize both retention AND upsells

Products To Profits - FAST: instantly connect existing products to your membership sites … or create new ones INSIDE the platform (product creation has NEVER been easier)

Skyrocket Your Passive Income: set a monthly price for ongoing access, JVZoomember takes care of the rest. It provides incentives to keep your customers onboard, AND to upgrade to your premium offers.

You Bring It, We’ll Build It: upload or create your product inside JVZoomember, and we’ll put the whole site together for you. All the links, access points, integrations & delivery, COMPLETELY handled for you. Zero headaches, pure profits.

DFY Sales Pages: as you create your sites, JVZoomember will pull key data and literally create specific sales pages for your products, packages & offers. Customize anything while saving THOUSANDS on copy & designers.

Lightning Fast SaaS Platform: cloud-based, nothing to install, ultra-quick page load times, & effortless integration with your existing tools

You Asked, So We Delivered ...


JVZoomember is a world-class, cloud-based software built to drive the results YOU demand as a product vendor

30 Minutes To Your Own HIGHLY PROFITABLE Membership Site - Packed Full Of Profitable Products - ZERO Technical Skills Needed

Watch This Quick Demo To See How Fast & Easy It Is To
Make Recurring Profits In Any Niche:

Your Site, Your Way:

Choose From 15 Stunning, Top-Converting
Templates You Can Customize At Will

Easily choose the perfect theme for your offers

Hover over any template to see how EVERY PAGE of your site will look. Preview the login, module, home & even SALES pages of each theme -


to make the PERFECT choice for your sites.

Customize ANY element - colors, fonts, graphics, images, you name it … And JVZoomember will update ALL pages on your site automatically. One-click and done simple.

Effortlessly Add Products Or Create New Ones That
Customers Will Gladly Keep Paying For

Pull entire products from your JVZoo vendor’s library into your membership site …

Upload products you’ve created on other platforms … OR create a completely NEW product right inside the software … faster than you can imagine.

Add videos, texts, downloadable files, resources & links … in literally seconds.

Choose your modules (we’ll show you how), upload your content, then JVZoomember takes care of the rest.

Profitable Product Management Has NEVER Been Simpler

Include as many products
as you want

in each site, and INSTANTLY toggle to the one you wish to work on

by including resources such as external urls & downloadable files you can pre-select to appear in single or MULTIPLE modules

Upload video or audio files
from any source

all playable inside your site - easily add dynamic & highly engaging components to any module

A website, domain or hosting
Leave that to us. We’ll handle it all for you.

Provide “action blocks”
that walk your customers thru the steps to completing each portion of your course … even include upsell links within these blocks to maximize profits …

Drag & Drop Modules
in ANY order to present your course in PERFECT sequence

PACKAGE PROFITS - Upsells & Crossells Completely

The beauty of your own membership portal is the ability to showcase ALL your products and offers.

So when a curious member clicks on a link to one of your packages or products they don’t have access to …

JVZoomember reminds that member if they don’t have access - then ASKS if they’d like to upgrade - and presents the SPECIFIC sales page to the package or offer they’re asking about

Which drastically improves your conversions & profits by showing highly relevant offers to people specifically asking about them!

Multiple Packages. Multiple Profits.

Define membership levels (say gold or silver) to bundle a collection of products together for a set price.

OR … divide a SINGLE product into various packages to maximize profits from a SINGLE offer.

Say you have a single product that includes an eBook as the front end … a video series as one upgrade … and a live webinar as a further upgrade.

JVZoomember automatically sends specific access to specific customers, based on what they’ve purchased ...

Then once they’re inside, they can see what other offers & upgrades are available to them. Translation? Automated upsell profits with ZERO extra effort.

Membership Sites Make Your Customers Happy …
SALES Are What Make YOU Happy

You can create the most gorgeous membership site on the planet … and JVZoomember gives you all the tools to do it.

BUT until customers come thru the door, all you’ve got is a pretty site collecting virtual dust.

So we’ve developed a built-in FULLY-AUTOMATED sales page creator to convert prospects into buyers for you.

This isn’t your everyday “copy-paste” generic sales page kind of thing. This is full-on artificial intelligence …

Optimized to drive sales to your SPECIFIC offers.

How JVZoomember Does The Selling For You
(aka fire your copywriter or designer to save more money)

As you’re setting up your products, membership sites, levels & packages ... The software ‘crawls’ your content and finds the key triggers that appeal to your prospects.

Then, JVZoomember assembles targeted sales pages - based on your specific content and offers - for EVERY single one of your products & offers.

You can preview these pages, and customize any element. Add or remove content, change anything you like. Then get sales pages built on professional templates crafted by 7 figure copywriters … optimized to get YOUR prospects to the buy button.

Every element you’d want in a sales page is included.

JVZoomember even grabs testimonials &
feedback from YOUR members as they go

So you can include powerful social proof to boost conversions. It PRE-ASSEMBLES ‘package deals’ based on all the products within your membership site …

You pick the price … the software puts the package deal together … and you make higher profits from more customers

Amazon’s been doing this for years …
isn’t it about time you did too?

Every sales page, package & offer is AUTOMATICALLY linked to your JVZoo buy buttons and membership site credentials.

You do nothing - as customers buy each offer, they get the access they need and see your choice of upgrade options. Simple.

JVZoomember And You - Effortless Integration
With The Tools You Use

From autoresponders to webinar platforms, payment processors & everything in-between, JVZoomember works seamlessly with your existing softwares & services:

In addition to the above API integrations, you can instantly connect ANY autoresponder via HTML.
Goes without saying all your JVZoo products are seamlessly integrated with JVZoomember via API.

Upload Video From ANY Platform To Your
Products & Pages

Adding Content To Your Products Or Top-Converting Messages To Your Sales Pages Is One-Click Simple

Long Term Profits: JVZoomember STARTS
Where Other Platforms Stop

Membership - by definition - is all about retention. If someone sends you $10, $20 or $97 one-time and cancels … you’ve made a one-time sale.

But when that person KEEPS sending you those payments every single month or year … you keep making residual profits from that same customer.

JVZoomember has been built from the ground-up to KEEP your customers paying you long term.

Profits 101: It’s ALWAYS Easier To Keep A
Customer Than To Find A New One

You’ve got a great product, training or software resource. The BEST thing you can do for your customers - and your PERSONAL profits - is to motivate people to take action.

Once customers see the benefits of your products - they’re much more likely to return … and buy your future offers.

JVZoomember is specifically designed to keep your customers engaged and taking action.

By providing real incentives that keep them coming back for more.

Long Term Profits & Customer Retention: BUILT-IN

Automated Rewards & Incentives Keep Buyers DEVOURING Your Content … And LOOKING For More!

Within any module, course or product, you can automatically provide incentives to keep customers engaged & buying

Set up badges, points & rewards that MOTIVATE users to take action

Choose any reward you like: points, a gift card, access to upgrades …

Even show members what rewards
OTHERS have received
- leveraging PEER
PRESSURE to incentivize users to move
forward & upgrade

Keep subscribers excited and hungry to
maintain their membership … even to
upgrade to your premium offers

Maximize Profits Per Member … Without EVER Being Pushy

No one likes a hard-core sales pitch, especially paying customers. So we’ve incorporated several “soft-sell”
strategies that help your members UPGRADE themselves:

Add banners on specific sites or membership packages … even include ‘stats’ showing how many OTHER people have selected these offers … sit back and let social proof do the selling for you

Employ an attention grabbing ‘top bar’ to advertise urgent & time-sensitive messages

Include countdown timers to the top of your sales pages … scarcity sells, so use it to your advantage

Time-based lightboxes & popups to maximize conversions. Highlight calls-to-action with time-triggered videos & images that grab attention

Related products option - OK, we stole this idea from Amazon - because it works! JVZoomember lets you automatically recommend related products to customers based on tags or products they’ve already purchased

And FINALLY the most ADVANCED Monetization feature we have ever seen, ‘Buyer Behavior.” YES JVZoo Member KNOWS what your customers are interested in based on their buying behavior and will sell your products for you!

Even MORE Ways JVZoomember Drives
You Profits:

100% mobile optimized - customers can view your content & sales pages on any device, any time

Automated Logins - once a customer buys, the system handles delivery & login access for you

SaaS Platform, Fully-Cloud Hosted - fast page load times, nothing to install, robust and secure to keep your content safe

Domain Mapping - configure your membership site to any URL you own

Pre-Built Menus, Navigations & Links - We’ll pull all your content into a seamless user platform even Google will be jealous of

Built-In Promos - send broadcasts to all or select members promoting additional offers

SMPT Configuration - send emails to any member(s) directly from within the platform

Drip-Feed Content - keep members happy (and paying) by pre-selecting the content they need, exactly when they need it

Create Courses In ANY Language - exploit global audiences by selling your products around the world

INCLUDED Premium Hosting - set up as many membership sites as you want, we’ll host EVERY site & page on top-level servers

You Bring The Content - We’ll Do The

Turn a single product into a lifetime of recurring profits.
Turn any lead magnet into a source of new customers and long-term buyers. Generate lifestyle income from your recurring offers

Everything you need to make it happen - faster and easier
than EVER before possible - is inside

JVZoo member - A Quick
Summary Of What You’re Getting

World’s easiest platform to add or create products for recurring income

Cloud-based, lightning fast Saas solution for premium page load times, 100% mobile responsive …

You Bring It, We Build It - simply drop your product into the dash and the software builds you top-converting recurring income sites plus ALL sales pages

Unlimited Integrations - works out-of-the-box with leading autoresponders, webinar platforms & payment processors - add anything else with HTML integration built in

One-Click Sync To Your JVZoo Products - effortlessly incorporate your existing or future JVZoo product listings into the platform

Automated Customer Interface - the software sends buyers specific login details and product delivery

Automated Upsells - instantly showcase or broadcast your associated products or packages to members

Membership Retention Maximizer - unique ‘gamification’ gives users incentives to continue their membership

DFY ‘Smart Sales Pages’ - instantly created for ALL your products & services based on specific product content and even customer feedback

Unlimited Upgrades & Integrations - JVZoomember is here for the long term so you’ll benefit from ongoing of upgrades and new integrations as they become available

Truly World Class Support

Right inside the dash you’ll have access to step-by-step video tutorials showing you exactly how to maximize profits with JVZoomember.

You’re covered by our EPIC support, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

If you EVER have a question or issue …
Just submit a support ticket …
Or post in our dedicated FB support group (you’ll get access when you join)

We’re here to get YOU results, and we’re not happy until you are.

Membership Is THE NEW Economy

It’s How Both World-Class Brands & Brand New Marketers Are Making Money.
JVZoomember sets you up for the highest potential profits in the space.